Shape Shifter


Bittern, by Richard Toller, Flickr Creative Commons

On Boxing Day this year (Dec 26th) at Ham Wall nature reserve in Somerset I saw a bittern. Not only did I glimpse this elusive bird, I saw it dance at the edge of a pool, Read more


A Fortunate Pheasant

“I think this is my best side, don’t you..?” Pheasant by Tony Smith, Flickr Creative Commons

Undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous creatures to be found within these isles is the male cock pheasant. For once, the term is not an exaggeration. Should the sunlight catch its iridescent green and indigo head with its pure white ruff or the subtle bronze, grey, blue and vermilion shading of its rather ample body, you will see a bird that would not be out of place in a tropical rain forest. Among the rich reds and golds of an English autumn it is simply splendid. Read more